Meet The Acquisition Team

Brian L.

Lead Home Advisor/ Director of Acquisitions – As the Lead Home Advisor at Dominion Properties, Brian’s role is to guide clients through a smooth and stress-free home-selling process, ensuring their needs are met with expertise and care.

Favorite Thing About Baltimore: The architecture. I’m constantly impressed with the differing architecture throughout the City. Due to sheer age of the City, there are many differences in building style from neighborhood to neighborhood and sometimes even block to block.

Victoria R.

Transaction Coordinator– Victoria will assist in scheduling your appointment to get a cash offer on your home. She will also be the point of contact for scheduling your closing.

Favorite Thing About Baltimore: I love so many things about Baltimore! First and foremost, this is where I met my husband, and our daughter was born here. I also love O’s Opening Day, Preakness, Miracle on 34th Street, All. Things. Crab., Orange Crushes and Old Bay, hon! And lastly, I love my Baltimore ‘framily’ (friends that become family).

Jetta D.

Transaction Coordinator Assistant– With over 10 years of customer solutions experience, Jetta brings her Southern friendliness to help our clients find a positive outcome in their personal situations. She takes the time to truly understand client needs and how the team at Dominion Properties can help assist.

Favorite Thing About Baltimore: The historic downtown culture, crabs, baseball & the harbor are my favorite things about Baltimore. 

Selim D.

Acquisition Property Inspector – Selim evaluates properties, assessing structural integrity, market trends, and renovation costs using technology and data analysis, contributing essential insights for informed decision-making in real estate acquisitions.

Behind The Scenes

Stephanie D.

Property Manager – With over 21 years of Property Management experience, Stephanie is always willing to help provide market comparisons and trends to be able to close on the best deals.

Craig C.

Inspections & Compliance Manager – Craig is responsible for leading and managing the Dominion Inspection Team, overseeing the coordination and monitoring of inspections to guarantee that our homes adhere to regulatory requirements from various agencies.

Milko R.

Property Maintenance Manager – Milko oversees and coordinates maintenance activities for properties, ensuring their optimal condition by managing repairs, preventive measures, and vendor relationships to enhance property value and resident satisfaction.